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Tahukah anda pada jalur gemilang ada berapa jalurnya? Jalur warna apakah yang berada di atas sekali? Tahukah anda bahawa Malaysia ada falsafah kenegaraannya? Tahukah anda apakah falsafah ketiga yang dinyatakan di dalam Rukun Negara?

Malaysia Boleh or Malaysian Boleh?

For many months, the coined phrase of 'Malaysia Boleh !' has been resoundng loudly and consistently into more than 20 million pairs of ears. One of the thought running across my mind is, 'Malaysia boleh what ?'

MALAYSIA Our Nation Our Responsibility


The term 'Healthy Cities' came about in a title speech given at an international meeting in Canada in 1985. It was then stressed that health is more than just medical care - the epople's health is dependent upon the environment that they live in and consequently the health of the community in which they exist. The Healthy Cities movement now includes projects in over 1,000 cities around the world. Each project defines differrent goals and activities but all bring a wide variety of people into the community improvement work.

Recent Developments

On 14 August 1998, as part of the Kuching City Festival, an exhibition depicting the Healthy City Kuching was declared open by the State Secretary, YB Tan Sri Datuk Amar Haji Hamid Bugo. 23 departments and agencies took part in the four day exhibition.


Sarawak has a lot to offer in the tourism industry. It is rich with natural beauty as witnessed from its ten national parks where the world's largest flower (the Rafflesia), South East Asia's longest and oldest cave systems (Mulu Caves), and scores of unique flora and fauna are found.

Let Us Lend A Helping Hand.

All of the above mentioned events and efforts are aimed at creating an attractive environment for tourists or visitors to enjoy while preserving the culture, nature and wildlife of Sarawak. We can all assist the tourism industry in maintaining this warm, beautiful and unique heritage in our own small ways.


After 35 years of Sarawak's 'Independence' within Malaysia, the various industrial sectors of the state's economy have generated a substantial amount of wealth for the country.

Getting ready for La-Lina

First, we have El-Nino and now comes La-Nina. We know that El-Nino is characterised by unusually hot and dry weather condition. It brings with it drought and intense heat which culminated in and over-dry vegetation igniting into forest and bushfires in some parts of the globe.

Should flood occur, it is best to take certain precautions.

Should flood occur, it is best to take certain precautions. The following advise issued by the Malaysian Red Crescent Society (Sarawak Branch) can be of help


ACTionetwork is a voluntary group of caring and committed civil servants who believe and epitomise the philosophy, principles and practises of the 'New Civil Service'. ACTionetwork has produced a survival leaflet in Bahasa Malaysia and English detailing the do's and don'ts in the vent of La-Nina occuring.

Pendidikan: Pelaburan Jangka Panjang

Kemajuan sesebuah negara banyak bergantung kepada keupayaan masyarakatnya mengadaptasi perubahan serta mengekploitasi segala ilmu dan teknologi yang ada. Di samping itu keupayaan meneroka elemen-elemen baru juga mampu membawa kepada peningkatan kemajuan dan seterusnya menambah baik tahap kehidupan keseluruhannya.

Teras Budaya Sains dan Teknologi

Pertumbuhan ekonomi negara banyak disokong oleh peningkatan pelaburan . Sejak Julai 1997, arah aliran pertumbuhan ini sedikit terjejas sehinggakan kadar pertumbuhan ekonomi negara untuk suku pertama dan kedua tahun ini telah menunjukkan unjuran negatif. Ini sedikit sebanyak membimbangkan semua pihak sehinggakan kerajaan memutuskan untuk mengambil beberapa langkah drastik bagi tujuan memulihkan situasi ini.

MUKAH District Office

The moment taht stepped down from the Twinotter palne, with much relief, I became enchanted with the tranquil atmosphere of Mukah. As we travel towards our lodging, the cleanliness and greness along the roads and buildings struck us anew and increase the awareness that this town is definitely worth a second, third and fourth looks.


With all he emphasis on reviving our robust economic growth, it's no wonder that this releases the tiger in us - specially tiger prawn farming.

JKKK Sehati Sejiwa Pelincir Pembangunan di Daerah Dalat

Seperti juga tempat-tempat lain di negeri ini, Dalat sedang mengorak langkah progresif menyajikan pembangunan kepada penduduknya. Projek Bandar Baru Dalat yang apabila siap sepenuhnya kelak akan memberikan wajah baru kepada Pekan Dalat. Fasa 1 sedang dimajukan dengan kemudahan prasarana asas sepeti rangkaian jalan raya yang baru dengan sistem perparitan yang lebih sempurna sedang dibina.


Being a district Officer is indeed a challenging role. A District Officer, if he is to be efficient and effective, must be multi - skilled and must be knowledgeable on a host of subjects ranging from administrative procedures to legal issues covering land, family and other matters. How well prepared are our District Officers when they asume their posts? How do they cope with the myriad duties, tasks and responsibilities that they have to fulfill in a given day? What are the constraints that they face as they discharge their tasks?

Interview with Encik Philip Mejin, District Officer, MUKAH

ACTionetwork Building bridges of UNDERSTANDING

On July 21, 1998, a group of enthusiastic civil servants and some from the private sector and NGOs made pledge to join and participate actively in Actionetwork. Now, what is Actionetwork? What do we conjure from the word? It is another one of those groups full of rhetoric but lacking in deed?


ACTionetwork aims to be a catalyst in communicating information and changes to the civil service and general public.

I'm all EARS

alking is good but listening is better. It is widely known that listening is an important factor to thre first step of being an effective communicator


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