Kek Kukus Buah-Buahan Kek Kukus Buah-buahan
Resipi sumbangan: Kelvin Tan


Part A
Sugar 600 g make caramel +1 cup water, melt brown and add water, slightly cool down

Part B)

450g butter/ marjerine
200g sugar

Part C
5 eggs

Part D
300g mixed fruits/ or sultanas only
2 tsp bicarbonate
600g flour
2 tsp cream of tartar


1. Prepare A) separately , slightly cool down, set aside

2. Cream butter/marjerine, add sugar

3. Slowly add in the egg one by one

4. Mixed in the 1) into 3), mix well

5. Cover with foil and steam for 4 hr

6. Alternatively, open steam for at least 1 hr BUT you will not that dark brown colour. To save gas I always open steam.

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